Consultants for Change

Do you have concerns about a particular workplace health and safety issue?
Not sure where to begin to improve the health of your workplace?

We can help you make your workplace a better place to work.
The Alberta Workers' Health Centre offers a range of services to help you create a healthy workplace.

Active Support for:
  • Occupational health and safety concerns
  • Strategizing for improving your workplace health and safety
  • Assessing your situation and helping you find solutions
Information About:
  • Health hazards on the job
  • Ways to make improvements to the health and safety of your workplace
  • Legislation and legal rights for a healthy and safe workplace
  • Workers’ Compensation and disability insurance programs
  • Human rights and the workplace
  • check out our resource page
Referrals and Connections To:
  • Enforcement and regulatory agencies
  • Organizations and websites that can provide more information and help 
  • Advocates who can support your specific employment-related problem, such as WCB, Employment Standards, Canada Pension, human rights and labour relations
  • Occupational medical specialists
Worker Education

We offer worker education planning and delivery in collaboration with unions and community organizations throughout the province.
For more information about our services, please contact us.

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