Right to Refuse

We have the Right to Refuse Dangerous Work

Workers have the right to refuse a job if we believe it may be unsafe or dangerous to ourselves or other workers.


There is a proper process to follow:


1.  You have been asked to do something you believe is dangerous to yourself or others.


2.  You refuse to do the job because it is not safe and report to your supervisor, employer or other designated person.


3.  If your supervisor does not fix the danger immediately then they must:
  • inspect the danger with you and either:
    • the Joint Worksite Health and Safety Committee (HSC) co-chair or member representing workers, or
    • the Health and Safety Representative (H&S Rep), or
    • another worker selected by you if either of the above is not possible.
  • Take action to fix the danger.
  • Write a report of the work refusal, inspection, and actions taken. They must also give you a copy.

Your supervisor might send you to do another job for a short time. You cannot lose pay.


4.  If you believe you are still in danger, you can:
  • You can call the OHS Contact Centre at any time
  • ALL calls are confidential.


What is the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Contact Centre?

The OHS Contact Centre is part of the Alberta Government’s Ministry of Labour. If we have any questions about health and safety, we can call them anonymously – we don’t have to give our names. We can call with someone else, we can also call for someone else who may have a H&S concern about their workplace.

We can also “Ask an Expert” through their website: